El cielo Tango Hannover
January 26th - 28th 2024

Tango Weekend Hannover
Eleonora Kalganova & Murat Erdemsel

Orquesta Pasional

Tango Weekend Hannover

We're looking forward meeting you at 5th Edition of Tango Weekend Hannover from January 26th to28th
We're happy to have 2 etraordinary tango dancers and teachers in Hannover: Murat Erdemsel und Eleonora Kalganova!
They are elegant, funny, a little provocative and very professional.
We offer you 6 interesting workshops with Eleonora and Murat and of course Eleonora gives her famous Technique Workshop.
Most of you already know at least one of them. At our "Meet and greet Practica" on Friday you have the opportunity to meet them again or make the acquaintance in a casual way.
Especially for our away guests we offer you a simple but delicious Buffet so you have more time for dancing. On Saturday we offer you a brunch during the workshops. There will be for sure something for everybody. We kindly ask you to sign in advance so we can plan better.
On our great Milonga on Saturday 27th besides the show of Eleonora and Murat there will be another highlight. The Orquestra Pasional will play for us. Get involved by the music interpreted with an extraordinary energy, creating an unforgettable atmosphere in all performances.

Join us!

Arina & Drago

All Workshops and Milongas will take place in:
Move & Style Dance Academy, Vahrenwalder Str. 195a, 30165 Hannover



19:00 - 20:30
W1 - Vals -

20:30 - 23:00
Practica Meet & Greet - Welcome Buffet

At our Meet & Greet Practica you can make the acquaintance with Eleonora and Murat if not already known. And of course you can dance. We offer you also a simple but tasty Buffet . Please book in advance so we can plan better the needed food. You also have the choice between a vegetarian main course or one with meat.
(Please tell us your choice in the comments of your registration)


Saturday 27.01.2024

11:30 - 13:00
W2 - Technique à la Kalganova
(In this lesson you can participate on your own. When you register as a couple tell us who of you is going to join the workshop.)

13:15 -14:45
W3 - Better turns with sacadas
Eleonora & Murat present Sacadas as a functional element in their smooth turns. Strong geometry, skilled technical work in the partnership will guide the dancers to improvise a dance without memorizing any particular choreography.

15:15 -16:45
W4 - Dynamic turns in close embrace

17:00 -18:30
W5 - Musical conversation and sharing space as man and woman
Eleonora & Murat will share exercises to recognize and focus the instruments in tango music. They will help building a strong partnership in the embrace where roles will be more equally shared.

20:30 - Open End GALA
Milonga with Show Eleonora Kalganova & Murat Erdemsel - Livemusik Orquesta Pasional - DJ Drago


Sunday 28.01.2023

14:00 - 15:30
W6 - Finding the flow in understanding the fundamentals of colgadas.
(Helpful if you take the WS3, the sacada workshop on Saturday)

15:45 - 17:15
W7 - Colgada; simply the most gorgeous vocabulary in contemporary tango.
(Helpful if you take the previous workshop, WS6)

Private Lessons - there is only limited space and time for private lessons. So please understand we offer them first to our workshop participants. Thank you!

Price List
1-2 Workshops
33€ p. P. Workshop
3 Workshops and more
28€ p. P. Workshop
Practica Meet & Greet Friday
Welcome Buffet Friday (20:00 - 23:00)
Brunch Saturday (11:00 - 15:30)
Milonga Saturday (in advance)
Milonga Saturday (at the venue)
Michael Nadtochi & Elvira Lambo el cielo Tango Hannover

See you soon!